AutoPlay on fullscreen

Is there a way to get the video playlists to automatically play each video in a series while in fullscreen mode ?

Autoplay works fine for me in non fullscreen but I can’t seem to find a way to get it to work while in fullscreen

Hey @Digivolt

Hmm… no, I don’t think that’s possible, as far as I’m aware you’ll need to click on the bottom right “Full Screen” button each time a new video starts, auto-play does work but if you are watching one video in full screen when the next one will start it will be windowed by default.

What browser are you using BTW ? Just in case there’s a known work around depending of your browser, but for myself I haven’t figure out another way than the previous behavior, might need to be confirmed by S.A though.

Any input on this @bryan_spence ?

It’s no big issue I just like to watch some playlists while I work out so fullscreen just let’s me see better what’s being tweaked as I’m not up near the monitor

Am on Firefox whatever latest version is, the only workaround I could possibly think of would be if they had an extra video which was basically all the separate videos condensed into one single video

Yep, for sure this would work but the files management, upload time and so on would became insane :smile:

Personally, I’m fine with the way it works now, the auto-play works fine & it’s just a matter of one click as soon as the new video is starting, don’t find this too much bothering though I can understand it would me more comfortable to stay in full screen all the time.