AVH-Witch Doktor Remix

Hey guys,

I just finished my entry for the strictly rhythm remix contest . give it a listen , vote for me with link at the very bottom starting monday jan 4th if you like it :slight_smile: thanks for your support everyone

AVH-Witch Doktor-Tommys NuDecade Mix by TommyTurntables

AVH-Witch Doktor-Tommys NuDecade Mix : Strictly Rhythm remix contest | Beatportal

I am not into breaks but that is ***** filthy :slight_smile:

good work

and good luck

thanks for the support deepgroove, so far i have 2 votes thanks to my girlfriend and jon fisher …i think im going to win :slight_smile:

cool tune man!

I loved it, takes the michael that they’ve removed it!! Especially since you paid for the parts.