Back in the days

Im starting to reminiss back to my clubbing days and im trying to create a mix cd from the days of 2001 - 2004, im finding it hard to find tunes from the club scene back then. does anybody know f any websites that will allow me to purchase tracks from back in those days. i have a lot on my computer but the sound quality aint good enough. im looking for 256k - 320 kbps

tracks like

Close cover - Minimilistix

Tillman Urmacher - On the run (Ocean to shore)

Slusnik luna - Sun

Future breeze - temple of dreams

Lazard - 4 Oclock


i would prefer to be able to download from the site if possible

if nobody knows of any can i ask does anyone know how i can mazimise the quality of my 192 kbps tracks.  can you layer them etc

I will be in debt to anyone who can provide me with this information

I might be wrong about this but if you burn your MP3’s as audio then you can re-import them at a higher bit rate. Itunes can be used to this.

As for tunes, try the 3 “a state of trance classics” CD’s that are out, although none of the tunes you list are on them i dont think:unsure: