Back up & Clean PC

How do all you guys back up your stuff?

Online or External HD??

What program do you use to do it??

Do you back up your entire Hard Drives or just certain folders?

How do you keep your machine running smoothly?

I write my music on a PC and have a macbook when i’m on the road. I’m long overdue to have a back up and clean up but want to know the best way to invest my $$$ to stay safe.

Thank you all in advance.

Have more than one backup device for starters. Everything can fail. I typically only back up my samples, tracks, projects, and any media that accompanies it. You can always d/l new software provided you’ve registered a legit copy, so I feel that this is a waste of space in the backup process. Basically, backup anything that you have worked on and all your sounds/samples and you should be good. Others on here will have different opinions but this is what word works for me…

If you are going to backup onto external hard disk, you shouldn’t then have it sitting next to your PC. It will help in the case of hard drive failure, but it won’t help if you are robbed or there is a fire or a flood.

If you care about your data, back it up online.

These are both really good:

Hey man,

For online backup you can use the site that you and I use to exchange files

Just setup your own separate account.

I use time machine and then i also put project folders onto cd / dvd aswell