Baltimore Club Music Tutorial

I would like to see you present a tutorial on making Baltimore Club Music. It has a VERY specific sound and I’m sure there are many who are unaware of it and would like to learn how to get that authentic Baltimore sound. I myself produce this hard ass music as I was born and raised in Baltimore City with club music being the soundtrack of my life.

You may also consider Jersey Club as well. Though I’m not a fan, it found it’s roots in Baltimore Club and the Jersey style has matured into its own genre outside of Baltimore. Also, Jersey Club is quickly gaining popularity in the EDM scene especially, with names coming out of Jersey to become national acts.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting :sunglasses:

Interesting genre indeed, putting this link below for some artists and track references.

If you have any other main artists names for this genre and links to some tracks, feel free to post some other references :wink:

Google search on Bmore Club Music

I tried to send you a whole list of great artists and links, but I received a message that says new users can only post two links in a message. Any help?

Yeah, it’s the forum’s automatic “trust level” system, so new members can’t post links or upload files.
Have changed this for you but you still might be limited for posting links.

I’ve been listening to Baltimore Club (BTW, in Baltimore originally it was called Doo Dew, but now we simply call it club music. People outside of Baltimore call it Baltimore Club Music) since it’s inception around 1991, spinning club music since 1995, and I’ve produced some tracks that have managed to get on the air on our local commercial hip-hop station, 92Q, and played in the clubs here in Bmore. So, I can list artists and links until the end of time. I’ll do my best to give it to you (just the Legends & The Hits) chronologically so you can see how our sound evolved since it’s birth.

DJ Equalizer - I Got The Rhythm
2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog - Doo Doo Brown
Frank Ski feat. Miss Tony - Pull Ya Guns Out
DJ Kenny B feat. Miss Tony - E-A E-A
KW Griff - Break It Down
Doo Dew Kidz - Out My Way Bitch
DJ Class - Bombin Cock
Jimmy Jones - Watch Out For The Big Girl
Griff & Booman - Pick Em Up
Jimmy Jones - Where Ya’ll At
DJ Technics - No Man
DJ Snoopy - East/West Bitch
DJ Class - Come Quick See
Rod Lee - I’m A Freak
Rod Lee - Stepped Up In The Room
Rod Lee - Feel Me
Rod Lee - Understand
DJ Technics - Mr. Postman
Rod Lee - The Birthday Theme
DJ Class - NaNaNa
DJ Technics - Baby Baby
Rod Lee - Set It Off
Rod Lee - Latin Groove
KW Griff - None Of Ya’ll Safe
Rod Lee - Dance My Pain Away
Blaqstarr - Tote It Remix
Blaqstarr - Get My Gun
Blaqstarr feat. D.O.G. - Ridah Girl
KW Griff feat. Porkchop - Bring In The Katz

So, like I said, I could go on forever. There were many classics and hits I couldn’t find on YouTube, but whatever, you should at least have an idea of what we’re doing here in Bmore. Thanks for the opportunity to share the music I grew up with and love with you.


DJ Just K

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Good point, that’s great ! :sunglasses:

Thanks for this, hope there will be some interest for this.

Maybe something special for a future Takeover @chris_agnelli ? :wink:

Thank you for the opportunity to get my opinion heard about this genre I grew up with and love.

If you are looking for someone in the bmore club production game to possibly guest teach a bmore club tutorial, as I said before, I produce, and I know or have connections with pretty much all of the big hitters/legends on that list and can get you in contact with whomever.

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