Bangarang/reptile/one click headshot style tutorial

if anyone else out there likes this type of 110 bpm music, not quite dubstep, not quite electro, but heavy and is prevalent in tracks like:br
(1) Bangarang - Skrillexbr
(2) Reptile - Skrillexbr
(3) One Click headshot - Feed Mebr
(4) Thumbs up for rock n roll - Kill the Noise (Featuring Feed Me)br
(5) Light the Fuse - Datsikbr
and you would like to see a tutorial based on this style of music, that some refer to as moombacore, show your support for this post and respond. this type of music is regarded as electro on beatport, and its style is unique enough that sonic should make an attempt at creating one, like the glitch house one they made in the style of rock n roll by skrillex. then show your support by responding to this post and requesting it as well.