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Basement Freaks Presents Contemporary Percussion

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Basement Freaks is known for his percussion and has delivered a pack that brings over 350 truly invaluable, and unique sounds from across the globe, that are so danceable you can feel Basement Freaks passion interwoven through every vibration!

Contemporary Percussion contains a plethora of percussive instruments that were played by a skilled percussionist and recorded live. Focusing on the Talking Drum, Djembe, and Timbales, this pack also has samples from Bongos, Blocks, Darbuka, Shakers, Congas, Cymbals, multiple sound effects, and various music loops.

The instruments used mainly come from North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, and all have a distinct Afrobeat & Contemporary World Music groove to them. However, these samples can easily fit into any style of contemporary production needing some of the life and warmth only achieved through live instruments! (The bending sound pitch of Talking Drum is especially suited to Trap Music).

The catchy beats throughout this pack are too hard to ignore and will get your feet tapping away as you’re dropping these samples into your favorite DAW. The rhythm is on a whole other level and is perfect for getting extra energy into your tracks. Join the ranks of leading EDM artists using world music to stay inspired and grab Contemporary Percussion by Basement Freaks today!