Bass Enhaser

Does anyone know of any free Bass Enhancer VST pluggins. Really need one.


you dont need one. You can achieve alot of your bass punch or fatness with a compressor.

Comp and EQ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously tho, I don’t know any free ones but check out effect racks in ableton, you should find chain of effects to do the job, if not head to: [url=;];[/url]

Try Vintage Warmer 2 (everything through that sounds great) or MixPack 2, not free but you get fully functional demo.

a pal uses waves r bass

but if you want beef, use a sine wave an octave lower underneath

Thanks peeps. I don’t normally use one but was attempting to complete the tutorial on French Electro and the one used is R-Bass. That one is part of a Waves pack that comes at a price. I’ll try the ones mentioned above Ta.

Anyone aware of a good free compressor. Any opinions would be spot on

Thanks again

one in ableton :smiley:

[quote]seanl (26/03/2010)[hr]one in ableton :D[/quote]

This is really all you need, good sir!

Agreed with above, compression and EQ are good, also distortion and bitcrusher can help (used correctly).