Bass / Rhytmic Bass tutorial

I’d like an indepth tutorial on how to make a bassline groovy together with percussions and drums. How to get that rhytm and funky/groovy bassline in.

Techniques and tips/tricks as well as how to practice getting better at making basslines for progressive house, tech house and trance mainly.

Also a clear way how to make a bass using the draw-mode in midi.

What things to avoid and how to place it in order to get it more swingy, i.e. syncopation.

Would be REALLY awsome.

I’m struggeling and having much problems with the bass together with beat/percussions right now.

sort of similar to the disco bass tutorial but more in depth detail and how to play it etc…

pretty slow on that front, because I personally think you moved too fast on in that tutorial. How did you play the pattern etc?

I think this is what everyone strugle with. There is no a easy way to program a call and response pattern. Or bass lines that make the track flow like no others. I agree maybe they should make a tutorial about it. But I doubt it will change the way.u perceive ur groove

Atleast it will give us some more knowledge about tips & tricks and how to apply them onto our grooves to make them even groovier :wink: hopefully.

I would really really appreciate such a tutorial though. Basslines are damn hard to layer to fit in properly.