Bassline Techtip Paul Maddox!

Hey there !

The last Tech Tip from Paul with the Vocal Dub Delay there is an awesome bassline !!

the moving one (the clip is called so)

thats exactly that type of basses i want to know !

Can u PLEASE explain or show in a video how to make those noises in a synth ? the tonality and movement are so cool !

also the midi patterns …

thanks in advance !


With a spot of luck he might do it in a tech tip, I’m guessing they must be releasing his tech tips together in a course.

I liked what he did with the space echo. I’ve been trying it out for the last week and it’s a decent effect.

He showed off something similar in the Percussion techno Basslines Tip

ah phil thats nothing similar …

Its not the same bass line but the technique hes showing is the same.

That was from our remix of Mikael Jonasson “Prankster”

Mikael Jonasson - Prankster (Spektre Remix) - YouTube

Working on some more Tech Tips soon, so that might just be in there :slight_smile:


[quote]paulmaddox (20/08/2012)[hr]Working on some more Tech Tips soon

cool! :smiley: