Bassy tech house by me

Hope you enjoy it. br
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Sounds good, i think your break is a little high

Kick sounds crappy…Nice stabs…stabs have too much release at 3:39, its hard to hear the disntict notes beacuse the release echoes too much. 4:53, That lower octave stab doesn’t really fit in with the upper melody. It needs some work man…

Liked the stabs. Was a nice
Only thing it needs (IMO) is some corrections on the volumes on certain elements of the track. Just to make sure nothing peaks out too much. Make it whole.

I agree with what is said above… It gets too echoey in the second half of the track, sounds kinda muddled … but I liked the groove of the track.

Hey mate, very nicebr
Love that Bass, reminds me a little of some of Ditrybird’s stuff. I think it could maybe be improved with a little more variation, some extra percussion perhaps? Also I think the structure could do with a little more defining, the breaks and builds could do with being a little more obvious, try experimenting with some builds or whitenoise risers etc. br
A good tip to try is loading up a few of your favourite tracks into your DAW and noting where and how the transitions between different sections take
Keep up the good work br