BBE Sonic Sweet (Sonic Maximizer)

Lesson 12 of the How to make trance videos uses BBE’s Sonic Maximizer as a drum effect. Has anyone else used this plugin?

I’ve seen mixed feedback about it–to my ears it sounds a little too crisp (almost sterile) on non-drum tracks.

Also, I’m producing uplifting and progressive trance so I tend to downplay percussion in favor of pads and melodic harmony (e.g. an offset bass line instead of hats).

Is it worth the money?

…or should I get the PSP Vintage Warmer plugin I’ve been drooling over instead :wink:

don’t know about what its supposed to sound like or anything like that but i know i like its sound and its used in everything I’ve ever made.

Personally i think it makes things sound warmer and does add a little noise to the mix but i would recommend that people use it very lightly.

I use it for

Master Bus, Drum Bus and Bass Bus. not on all tracks but usually at least one of those on every track i make.

Personally i don’t know how much weight this holds with people but I once read on a blog or in a mag (maybe Future Music) that Deadmau5 said something along the lines of “i don’t know exactly what it does, but nothing else sounds as good as this on the master”

I don’t like the guy but he knows his **** when it comes to quality sound production.

Both plug-ins are very different and i own both but i really wouldn’t like to choose one over the other.

Sonic maximizer

Great plug in!!

[quote]willidaniel (26/01/2011)[hr]Sonic maximizer

Great plug in!!



[quote]slender (26/01/2011)[hr][quote]willidaniel (26/01/2011)[hr]Sonic maximizer

Great plug in!!




[quote]Mussi81 (26/01/2011)[hr][quote]slender (26/01/2011)[hr][quote]willidaniel (26/01/2011)[hr]Sonic maximizer

Great plug in!!





I gave the Sonic Maximizer a second chance, so I downloaded a trial version off of Nomad’s site and played around with it, and I have to say I didn’t like the sound it made…even at low settings.

I added it to a drum kit (Kicks and hats) and it felt brighter but harsher. I compared the kick sound it created with just a compressor (FabFilter Pro-C) and some EQ (FabFilter Pro-Q) presets–I thought that had a clean and warmer sound.

So I don’t know, I’d really spend the money on a different effect or exciter.