Beatport Acapella Downloads

Hey everyone

So I’ve found some nice stuff

in the Dj Tools section of Beatport

but my question is , can I use

them in my track without any problems?

I mean about copyrights, can I use

my own title on the track or do I have

to name it like the original and enter

(Steven Galan Remix) at the end ?

And what about an upcoming release

of the track ?

I would appreciate an answer really much!

I don;t use Dj tools but there should be something in the copyright that says if you can use them as your own or not

Generally they are for playing, not for making tunes and releasing. Obviously everyone knows that people use them to make tunes, but if you want to release you will need to license them.

If you post them online for free, you are in breach of copyright, but the chances are no one will care. If you post your mix online you are in breach as well after all.

It doesn’t make any difference what you name it.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Sorry for my delayed reply ,

I had no internet in my new home till today