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Beats from the Bass Ship

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Beats from the Bass Ship has arrived! The mega talented Ahee (of KJ Sawka’s label Impossible Records) has landed a legendary collection of next level Xfer Serum presets and drum hits.
Unspeakable amounts innovation and intelligence went into these huge, phat, crisp sounds. From crushing basses made from electric toothbrushes to “triple A list” sounding drum hits, this pack is a must-have in any modern bass music producers’ library.
Get ready to be transported to outer space with the sounds from Beats from the Bass Ship!

Please make sure your copy of Serum is updated to ensure the presets will load properly.

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Instagram: @iamahee

I like this product, especially for the basses and plucks, which are really in your face and have interesting tones. I do trance, and even though this soundset is primarily directed at dubstep, I found interesting material. The biggest problem with the soundset is that the output levels were all over the place, which is surprising for the quality of the sounds. All basses redline badly coming straight out of the synth, whereas some sounds are too soft. I just went trough all of the patches quickly with a limiter, evened out the master level on the Serum and resaved. Several of the sounds have really intricate modulation mappings to the macro controls for extra interest. The mod wheel is not mapped, that’s left up to you.

i will certainly pass the feedback on to @blackoctopus

Thank you very much for this feedback, I am glad to hear you are liking the sounds (even for other styles such as trance!) - sorry to hear that the levels were all over the place. I will pass this feedback on to the producer as he is working on volume 2 right now and we will make sure the levels are more even.

I can email you back the patch folder if you want it. Went trough all of them with FabFilter Pro-L to determine how much the master out needed to be adjusted and resaved.

That would be amazing!

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

All sounds are now updated, huge thanks to @amg56 - this info has been passed on to Ahee who is producing Beats from the Bass Ship 2 at the moment