Been here for four years and SA still lacking quality

theres nothing in the “how to make” course section with house music that sounds of quality like:

if you skip around, you will hear quality sounds, quality techno n house with quality samples. why isnt sonic academy doing this? been subscribed for 3-5 years and the style of house/techno doesnt seem to change, its like low quality everything. idk what to purchase with all the credits i have, i found a decent how to make techno course but its ok, but better than most of everything. i thought about putting some credits into the sounds section but idk man after you hear it , its questionable.

very frustrated after all these years. 4 years of being a member and still nothing decent in the how to make techno house course. thats out of control.

If you post links to some artists you like we will try to get them in to do a tutorial. that mix you posted sounds like it is overly mastered to me. on my speakers it sounds very bassy… while that sounds cool in headphones or in the car… in a club it would be a bassy mess. Some nice sounds in it though… defo more a deeper vibe. im sure we could get some content that would replicate the vibe of some of those tracks.

just point us in the right direction and we will see what we can do.

all she does all her life is play all those tracks in clubs n festival, look her up on RA. or youtube. so i highly doubt after years of playing in clubs and festiivals and making a living out of djing has been a mess lol. but atleast you acknowledge the sound quality.

Having years of experience experience in clubs doesn’t change the fact this mix… which doesn’t seem to be recorded live in a club. Has extra mastering. To my ears it sounds like multi-band compression and extra limiting. It gives it that smiley face 99s hi-fi enhance button sound.

Maybe look to these courses -

track at 12min is insane, wish there was a tutorial teaching start to finish something as clean as that. trackk is sikkkk, just got up to dance for 3min for that.

these tracks here sound suck, especially the vocal at 5:37 with the quality kick n bass

these sounds are on another level, these are my favorite: 12min, 52min, 59min, bass n kick on these, 1hr 50min bass, kick is dope here w/ hi hats.

56min is just sick… i can keep on going and going, but this is what ive been trying to achieve for past 6 years and i give up and stop. i am now getting back into it 30minutes a day to start. but idk if sonic academy really has anything to take me there.

i am going to reach out to some artists and have them take a look at sonic academy to see what i can do with whats here to get to where they are, gotta see if there is good use of these credits before i trash it

2hr-15min this track is sick, the quality of everything, i am dancing right now

52,53min sick bass kick ,plus everything else is of quality


dance jam, soulish w that vocal on the 4th beat, love the bass kicks and how it flows



33:30 seconds going forward, these vocals go hard with those bass kick hihats

who you finding to make these types of tracks lol because theres none in the how to make x house/techno start to finish

Have you had a look at this course?