BEGINNER - Breakbeat WIP, need feedback!

hey whats happenin, like the title says im still learning and need some feedback on this track i’ve been working on for a couple of weeks.

its still a WIP, hasnt been mastered yet also i have some vocal samples to add and other finishing touches in mind but i was wondering what everyone thought about the arrangement? and anything else you might want to add also would be greatly appreciated

look forward to hearing some decent feedback!!


Dangerous Things WIP by ~jarvis


Good sound and meldies all together. Great concept for a breaks track, but it sounds a little flat from a production standpoint, The synths need some beefing up, try using side chaining to carve a space out for the kicks and snares to punch them through the mix. I think the idea for a good track is there, but now you gotta go through and start replacing instruments one at a time or at least trying to fine tune their sound. I like the rhythms and the synth lines. I could go through and using your midi apply my synths and compession and make it sound better and punch through. you want the different elements in the track to breath not feel like they are all at the same level. BUT with that being said I see a lot of potential in your work. I would suggest taking the music you find the most appealing listen to a few select tracks and try to figure out how you can get that type of sound into your track. I don’t mean to replace anything but to get the quality nailed down. One track at a time and eventually you will have a much better, sounding track that has various elements that punch through. Again Compression is where it’s at. But even I don’t have it completely nailed lol

dude this is a really good track, what EricXL said has pretty much nailed it on the head.

-You’re sounds need to be beefed up, either put some (more) compression and processing on there or start layering your sounds

-Sidechain your bass and instruments if you haven’t already to get them sounding tight

-use some drum fills and variations throughout

-find some one shot sounds/synths to put in and out

Your melodic work and creativity is cool, things happening at different times, that’s what sets a track apart from the rest, keep it up, top job so far!

p.s. I have a breaks track posted too, check it out for some ideas if you want man:

Nice track, I think etl and EricXL are pretty much spot on.

How long you been producing for out of curiosity?

well put together track, enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Really nice… I loved the beats

wow what a response, thanks a lot u guys i have been carefully reading all that and will keep that in mind! its like you guys are saying at the end of the day, its all about compression/mixing/mastering etc. in this area in particular i have quite a bit to learn so im trawling forums such as this reading up on it trying to get my head around it.

@etl, yeah i listened to that track already whilst looking through the forums, i’m having another listen now. its cool man really nice and chilled nice one! and appreciate your comments mate, cheers!

to the dude who asked how long i’ve been doing this, i used to mess about in fruity loops a couple of years ago for like a few months or so, but only a couple of weeks ago i thought about learning properly about production techniques and that, this is actually a track i made back then about 2 years ago but i remade it from scratch and am trying to get the actual quality etc. as good as i can rather than when i was younger i was just literally laying down arrangements as they popped into my head without considering compression or anything lol it always used to baffle me back then!

just one question for you guys if ya dont mind? when you say the synths need beefing up, are u referring to the main bassline in the drop ?

soz one more thing … ha ! lots of people say u should hipass your kick at around 80-100hz, but i did this and it sounded weak as sh** so i lowered it a bit, any thoughts on that ??

I personally hate highpassing at 80, it definately makes for a weak kick, I think you should only be doing that if you have some hyper power megazord bassline to keep the lows powerful, otherwise I think two things should be done to make the kick clearer:

-Sidechain what you can to it, without overdoing it ofcourse… The more you can get rid off whilst the kick goes off the better as long as it doesnt impact on the flow you want from your track.

-Use some kind of spectrum analyser to find where your kick peaks and then eq out that area from the other elements in your track somewhat…

Ofcourse I am in no way at all a pro, but these tend to be the two ways I go about getting the kick clearer in the mix…

That and I have to admit to using Vengeance samples (Likes its not obvious when listened to anyway) if you want quality kicks at the cost of them being overused there the people to go to!

I really liked it. Only listened to it on my phone but it sounded cool :cool:

hey guys, its been a while, i was chilling on a greek island with a pal of mine for a week but now i’m back to work !!

i would really appreciate some more of your sweet feedback, i’ve made quite a lot of changes and i’ve done my best at mixing and mastering and all that…

please let me know what you think !!

Dangerous Things by ~jarvis