`Beginner` Needs Help About Sound Cards


[quote]Rob… (21/12/2011)[hr]I am a beginner learning about music production & I need some advice about external sound cards.

1 - What would be a good up to date external sound card to buy for a new Mac Book Pro?

2 - Is the external sound card only use for monitoring, playing sound throughtospeakers and recording from inputs? And can I bypass the Mac Book Pro sound card and use the external sound card instead for better sound quality?

3 - And do I just plug in the sound card using the usb port and it install drivers or software to the computer and then I change sound card options to use it.??


1.apogee,rme,motu,Cheaper:focusrite,tc electronics

2.Yes,external box sound card gives better quality sound.Also let you plug in microphone&keyboard(s)&headphones.Audio interface can control volume of your monitors.

READ studio guides in my links.

3.Usb2.0 or firewire.Use updated drivers from manufacturer www.You need to setup buffer settings in preferences in your daw with your audio interface.Refer to your manual.


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