Beginner trance track

Hi guys I am new to trance production and music production in general and this is my first “decent” attempt at a full song. I mixed the song on headphones plugged into my laptop so i understand the mixing is going to be poor. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi there @ekeamonn

Some very nice elements in this track, especially in the first long break where there’s a good melodic progression using nice synth modulation, use of the sci-fix Fx in the 2nd breaks are creative too. Now for the intro & outro parts, I find the kick too loud, sounding more Hard Psy Trance or Goa than pure Trance ( might be a question of taste as for the length and tonal of the kick :slight_smile: , but find it really too loud as for mixing level ). For the rest of the mix, it’s quite well balanced, good work :wink:

Hi @Tekalight thank you very much for the comments. I agree the kick is probably a bit loud so that is definitely something I will look out for. Thanks once again.

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Around 3:58 the bass has a ton of muddiness as well as a clashing key.

Would probably boost the high end a bit more as it sounds a bit soft and kinda like an old recording. Let those high hats through. Kick is a bit too DOOFy which also doesn’t help with the low-end mud.

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