BEP and others vocals

Having just done the tutorial and now having alot of fun i want to learn a bit more about vocoders etc.

I use ableton and logic (though i prefer to stick in logic if i can)

I want to learn how to make things like Will I am’s vocals in his tunes with well everyone lol

37 seconds in and other bits

I can imagine alot more than just that style can be done but i'd like to know how it was done so i can go further. Which Vocoder would be best etc

Thanx to anyone who can help or if the SA guys can do a tutorial just for this

I think the sound you’re after is actually auto-tune or melodyne, which is creating those sharp robotic sounding pitch shifts. A similar effect can be acheived using the freeware plug-in KeroVee (you should be able to find it by googling it). It’s almost useless if you’re actually trying to use it to correct slight pitch problems in vocals but is pretty good at that robotic pitchshifty vocal sound.

its more the robotic sounding but so it still sounds kinda human.

Thanx ill go check out that plug in

Aww i just found it but its not for mac :frowning: