Best EG to put on a filter for trance leads

Hey I was wondering what sorta EG should be put on a filter to help excite and enhance a trance lead when its being lp filtered in. Its just in pro tracks it can all sound so crisp, you can check out some Sean Tyas tracks like ‘Banshee’ or his remix of Paul Websters ‘Time’. Its not just him tho its pretty much all modern uplifting Trance. Its like their all using a standard envelope but I think its more than just modulating the filter cutoff, also should the level of the envelope be set to a positive or negative value. I just wanna get that crisp, ultra plucky sound when its being filtered in. Ive tried the usuall rasing of the decay and release but its not really doing it …

Sometimes more than one EG is added but every time its added the levels of that EG are lowered so it doesn’t become too plucky or you can use a transient shaper to increase the attack of the sound if its not plucky enough

There are a ton of different factors to consider.

  1. The raw sound pre filtered. Do you add White noise? How many OSCs and voices what octaves.

  2. Decay curve - some synths like alchemy have different decay curves and others let you draw it in.

  3. Reveb and delay have a factor on the attack… Especially reverb early relflections can make something More slush or tinny.

    All are important considerations. None are right or wrong.