Best eq

if you really wanna be picky about an EQ just get the sonnox oxford, waves eq or the uad cambridge. Will let you do whatever you want. and it does it well, really well!

[quote]bobby lupo (13/09/2010)[hr][quote]jjdejong0 (13/09/2010)[hr]computer music did an EQ thing years ago testing all the high end EQ’s. The winner was sonnox oxford. This EQ is awesome but tbh the ableton EQ eight set to high quality should also be good enough for your work really. Its a great little EQ and does the job. Also if you want a Pultec EQ but dont wana buy a UAD setup or way overpriced waves stuff then check out t-racks 3 theres a really nice Pultec emulation in there.[/quote]

like jon i cant really handle using abletons eqs but dont mind very light boosts with logics eq,t-racks 3’s pultec emu is definitely decent but its a little too heavy on the coloring(though that can also be seen as a plus depending on what youre using it on)i love the waves jjp collection,uad is cool but it cracks me up when i see posts talking about how authentic and analog it sounds when there is no modeling of the sort taking place with their eqs(at least with their older stuff like their pultec emulation)and seriously that “all” digital eqs are the same stuff is nonsense these days.

*forgot to add that the lack of “color” with uads version can also be seen as a plus depending on the material.[/quote]

yep i totally agree that its crap to say “all” digital eq’s are the same but i think you can get the same results with most eq’s that includes hardware, analogue and digital. like you say most color the sound in some way or another and if you have a good set of ears you could easily get one eq to emulate another.

Personally i have a stack of eq’s, they usually come bundled with other software and i really couldn’t recommend one over the other. i have my own favorites that i goto if i know i am working with certain sounds but that goes hand in hand with my choice of compressors.

What jjdejong0 said have definitely been the popular choices of the pro’s over the last couple of years.

Also check out the Voxengo Gliss EQ. I haven’t heard the sound of it yet on my monitors but it has a very cool sidechaining/visual overlay built in to help you clean a sound up while comparing to other sounds frequencies on other channels that may be competing for the same space.

Am i a noob who doesnt know anything for liking the ableton EQ8? Ive recently fallen in love with it lol, i see my sonnox oxford EQ as my heavy artillary or re-enforcements if i really need it lol. But seriously why do i like the ableton EQ8 so much im worried that im not hearing the awesome difference in sound that you get if you run it through a high end EQ compared to a standard in the box eq lol…

I like fab filter EQ because it’s pretty :Wow:

From what I’ve learnt the way the superior eq’s shine is in the upper highs (around 14k and up). Also another test you can do is when you really push a bell curve.

Bad eq’s just don’t sound as sweet.