Best headphones and earphones for round 70 euro?

any suggestion? want headphonesthat fit nicely and can be adjusted and that cover your ear…if u get me :S


Summot like these?

+1 for the above i am thinking in getting a pair of the pioneer hdj500 they come in white/red or black but cost a bit more than your 70 euros hopefully someone on here has a pair and can give us his/her opinion :smiley:

[quote]bangthedj (17/12/2010)[hr]Summot like these?[/quote]

hey man you know your going to pick a winner at random? can it be me this time ;):wink:

Sony MDR v700, they’re usually £90 elsewhere


[quote]bangthedj (17/12/2010)[hr]Summot like these?[/quote]

i’ve just checked your website out bang there’s some really cool stuff on there its now in my favourites!!

i’ve never used the hdj500’s i use my hdj1000’s that i used to use for djing and they do a decent enough job so would of thought the 500’s would be pretty good too pioneer gear is the nuts imo:D

Cheers bud, you’re in my favorites too now :cool:

none, spend more!:hehe: