Best Place to Start a Track

i guess its trial amd error but how do you generally start your tracks?

do you get a riff 1st then build on that or play around n make it up as you go along.

Think im kind of not sure where to just start off,i kind of start then start all over

i appreshiate anyones replys to my posts :cool:

hey if you need help on how to start a track just check out all the tutorials on this site, i had no idea how to go about starting a track and after subscribing to this site it gave me all the help i needed.

I always start just playing around on the keyboard weather its a bass sound or a lead sound… i just play about with the different synths until something jumps out.

other way is i sample stuff and work round that… i normally ditch the sample in the end. good for sparking ideas.

I usually start with the drums, as i like to work on the groove i’ve created with the drum. Although i do also get insperation from samples/loops i may have too.

I guess whatever way works, i recon down the line i’ll be playing on my MIDI Keyboard and something will jump out like for Phil and i’ll work that way too.

I guess in the end though, it doesn’t really matter what you start with as long as your putting all the elements in it’s going to come out the same anyways.


Since i am self learning musician and my skills are not up to a level that i can compose melodies and riffs with ease, i usualy start a track by spending some time to find a melody or simple notes that fit well to my ears and then build on them.

The times that i started by setting the beats and the drums i could not proceed with developing the track…

thanks for the replys so far guys its much apreshiated,i think once i get one track done it might give me a bit more go to do another