Best sampler for portmento

hey guys just wondering if anyone knows of any samples that will do portamento and glide really well, I am looking for one that is good to use in the dutch house genre as I have just started getting into resampling so anything you guys know of that will do it better then abeltons simpler would be great.


Try this one: u-he Software Synthesizers and Effects

Its called zebralette from Zebra. Its free and easy to use. I feel like it has a cool portamento and sounds pretty damn good for a free VST too.

thanks mate I will check it out now:)

is it actually a sampler? it looks more like a one osc synth?

You might wanna check out Abletons Sampler, its has a ton more and better features compared with Simpler…

I did play around with sampler but I couldnt seem to get a really good portmento glide out of it maybe I’m expecting to much from working with wav instead of straight from a synth

Oh didn’t see you were actually looking for a sampler. Have you tried Kontakt? It’s a pretty well rounded sampler and it has a Glide/Portamento module. I guess how well it does the portamento depends on the sample you are using.