Best vst for housey piano?

What is your fav synth for housey piano? I like Nexus the best so far but its a memory hog so I’ve just been using a simple piano vst run through PSP Pianoverb.

I’m looking for any other good options for some good housey piano sounds. Any ideas?

Korg M1 Digital Edition

Either Native Instruments Acoustic Piano or Native Instruments Electric Piano.

Ah yes…M1 was the absolute classic, followed by the ubiquitous JV-1080 in the late 90s and early 00s. I didn’t know I could get a vst version of the M1. I’ll check into that.

Native Instruments Acoustic Piano may work for me as well…it samples grand piano’s I think…that’s pretty much what I want for funky old skool style chord riffs.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Legacy Collection - Wavestation :wink:

I use MDA Piano.

Its free and quite good.

Electrik Piano with sexy rhodes effects