Beta report

beta report 3 nov 2017.

first, congratulation for the release of ANA2, the filters are incredible, same for the env and Fx !

Window 7 ableton 9.7.4 64 bits

Waveform Arrow :come back at the factory waveform if a user 3d Wt is selected, you can’t navigate with arrow, in the main UI, for user wave

G env: in copy G env1 to 2 or 3, the env copy but not the env option: loop, retrig…

G env: Knob’jump between 0.01HZ and 0.02Hz

i notice : the G env return to zero, with a note off, if the amp env have a zero release,
it can cause some fast sweep when you didn"t finish the G env cycle( try with an EQ , with high resonance,
the Eq freq is modulate with a G env) you can find 2 windows capture

if Strum on and chord memory device on, no sound, if chord memory device off, no sound.

no manual in the beta

Some presets like :“AM I Alive” are very loud + 5 db at low velocity

preset saw vox; a big thumb sound appears 2 times : like a big dc offset at +10 db : not reproducible

when you load a preset, make some change and want to load the same preset again, the preset doesn’t load from the file, it stay in the same eta like your edit.

another thing: preset Andromida: the preset consume a lot of cpu, without any osc, i have put osc 1 off, just the 3 osc samplers,
i can max my cpu with a 7 voices chord( with an Init patch, with long release, 3 osc sampler, same chord: 18%

After some investigations, i have clear osc sampler 4,5, just the 6 was playing, deleted all the mod matrix modulation, same,
the problem occurs with the Macro matrix assign, after erase all macro modulation, my cpu was at 10%
the problem is in Macro matrix. macro 4destination: Lfo 2 depth : delete it and all become normal

i hope you will give some nfr version of Ana2 for dedicate beta tester like me :slight_smile:

cheers Nico.