Big feedback on the forums, techno tutorial

check the forums , the tutorial requests. seems like alot of people wants a new techno tutorial. including me.

a tutorial that focuses on the raw bassdriven sound instead of the bumpy/minimalistic sound.

No offense mate but there are far more other styles that have been requested much more, check out all the threads wanting Dutch House and some of the harder styles of dance. Techno has already been done way too much on here. Mabey give some love to the other people?

yeh i agree with that dutch house, uplifting trance or a hardstyle tutorial would be good

Yeah ive just finished tech house… I need something with more music in it! :wink:

Thank the lord for that lol, Phil i thought you commented a few months ago that you were looking at Hardstyle?

TBH i dont know of a style that has better melodies in it lol…

Im happy with anything that has some melody in it lol…

yeh i agree with jjdejong0 something with big melodies lots of layering hardstyle/nu style has so much involved im not the biggest fan of the nu style kicks more like the reverse basslines but there is so much processing involved really indepth genere, that being said a uplifting trance tutorial would be good but I know there are already a few trance vids

Tbh the main room trance tutorial that is up Nathan is the best turorial on the entire site, so go watch that if you need a trance fix lol…