Big/Progressive Tech-House Track Feedback

Hey everybody! :slight_smile:

I have made a new Tech House track, with a twist of ‘mainroom-ish’ or ‘progressive’ vibe. The thing is that I’m not quite sure if I can call the production finished and prepare it for mixing. Something tells me that it may be too tedious or that it’s missing something… What’s you guys opinion?

  • Quick side note: I usually do the mix as I progress, but since I have booked a 4 hour session at a local recording studio, I will focus on making the mixdown there (I have only added a few creative effects and temporarily reverb/delay).

Really great track, very cool vibe going on. Think you could make more of your fills, make them stand out more. Would look at finding a better space in the mix for the breakdown piano. Should end up a great track, post your mixdown from the studio.

Yeah some really nice elements in there… I love how the riff drops at 3:30 i think i would use that at the start too… the current start riff feels like it brings the energy down at the start.

I also think you could work on the chords a bit more… they are great for the most part but just a couple of the choices sound like they could be modified to be more pleasing.

Hey there, thanks for the advise. I’ve tweaked it a bit and fixed the chords so it sounds better.

My studio session is first on monday, so there is still plenty of time to adjust.