Big Room House Feedback!

Hi everyone. if you all can help me by telling me what you think needs to be changed, that would be awesome!
I think that the mix really needs to be fixed, so if any of you are good at mixing and want to help me out, my Instagram is AugieKelliher

Main issue here for me is gain staging between the different elements of the track and a final mix sounding over-compressed and really too hot, especially in everything synth, sounding much louder that the drums. Re-balancing the all mix starting with the Kick and bass and then adding the synths & Fx elements should help to get a more cohesive mix in terms of levels.

Sound choice wise, Iā€™m not sure about this cheap tune or 8 bit kind of synth introduced at 1:33, very contrasting with the other sounds and especially the piano which is a major element in this track.

Nice use of Fx to create tension & for the transitions, but again pay attention to level and not to compress everything. At 1:00 for example, that noise Fx is really loud and brings an unpleasant distorted sound.

Hope this helps :wink:

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!!!

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