Big thanks to sa

i think that stepping into the world of reaktor is going to take SA to the next level, i would also love to see tutorials on



and any other mac alternatives if possible.

i think taking this path will turn SA more toward the one stop shop on the internet we all want it to be.

I agree 110%!


Video 1 and video 2 are not playing. The QT video comes up and there is a question mark where the QT logo is.

same for me too

Hells yeah, Reaktor is such a beast I’ve never touched it. I’m REALLY looking forward to this tut.

thanks guys, another astounding release

Thanks SA!

The HTSL tutorials are cool, but there’s only so much you can go over in those videos.

I’d love to see more major non-HTSL tutorials like this. Maybe something on live performance workflows, FM Synthesis, or music theory, etc.

Videos don’t work for me, looking forward to watching though!

Funny - vids didn’t work for me either. Maybe it’s just a patience thing.

sorry guys!

vids are now working.


unfortunatly reaktor is way way way out of my price range…:crying:

Looks really good, i’m up to part 5 now, only problem is that I did want to practice this with a demo reaktor (obviously after i’ve used it i know whether i want to buy or not), anyways apart from the occasional white noise stabs i get (demo version bs), which obviously i can handle as i know it’s just for practice reasons, the Reaktor didnt give me the new 2 in 2 out options under insert instrument, so i had to stop pretty much at that :frowning:

Would love to practice though, Reaktor is expensive and i’m not the kinda person to blow loads of money i dont have on something i dont know if i want or even need yet.

Tough call, but at the same time this is a good move for SA, i fully agree with Jon. We did / do need synthesis tuts.

Nice one.

possibly a tutorial on Max for Live?

roben u can just add a macro and then insert 2 in ports and 2 out ports!

Great to see these kind of tutorials but honestly I don’t think I’ll this plug inn anytime soon…it just made my head hurt too much:unsure: