Big thanks to sonic academy

I’d like to thank u guys at sonic academy, my first trance track is due to be released on infected records featuring a remix from public domains James Allan in a few weeks ! And if it wasn’t for ur website I’d probably still be sitting around making 4 to 8 bar loops not knowing what the funk to do with them ::w00t: such an amazing website so again thank you guys :slight_smile:

Just got a preview of my track through :smile:br

Rory, br
that is top top news mate, we love hearing success stories like this. Keep them coming and let us know of any other releases! br
Best luck with the release :)br
All the SA team

Thanks Chris appreciate it, it’s somthing I’ve always wanted to do since my teens but never really followed it through, so I promised myself I’d do something before I hit the big four 0 :grin: so I’m really chuffed, and would have been no where near where I am if it wasn’t for ur Phil and Bryan’s tutorials, although still a lot to learn so keep them coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nicely done Rory!

Cheers Jimmy, got ur two tracks superb mate :+1: game time ma fav :smile:

Cheers fella, let me know when the track hits beatport and I’ll reciprocate the support!br
[Edit, oh it’s already out! I shall get myself a copy now]

nice one mate :slight_smile: