Bitwig 4.1

You should do a video on Bitwig 4.1. Some of the note features are the coolest I’ve seen a DAW implement!


I’ve just moved to Bitwig 4.1 and loving it, still using Cubase for some stuff but loving how creative Bitwig is… not sure how popular it is though here.

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While Bitwig isn’t the most covered DAW in terms of available tutorials from S.A, there’s definitely a community of users around and a demand for more tutorials. Thankfully to Dom Kane ( who’s been advocating for Bitwig for quite some time now ) there’s already some great courses available, but wouldn’t mind to see more tutorials for Bitwig TBH. Have a chat with Chris at your end maybe :wink:

I would definitely like to see more Bitwig tutorials now more and more features have been added to Bitwig and the ever growing userbase too. More style based tutorials like house/techno/dnb etc on how to get the sounds from Bitwig and so on. I mean it’s not even on the DAW filter option on the search yet Reason and FL are? Surely enough content to enable that?


Could we please get new tutorials with Dom Kane, using Bitwig? He’s a fantastic instructor.