Black Eyed Peas and Tom Cruise

hi guys

just got back from seeing the black eyed peas in concert at the O2 in London…  turned around in the crowd and found myself about 20 feet from tom cruise, katie holmes and chris rock…

katie was well going for it, quite a good little mover too! :wink:

to top it off guess who comes out on stage and sings “i got a feeling”… tom… haha

he cant sing for shizzle but he sent the place crazy.

ps he aint as short as i thought he was… same size as will i am and taller than fergie and the other dude.

Man… I was hoping you were gonna say that Lily Tenue came out on stage :smiley:

man… i woulda been on the stage too… hahaha

she damn fine!

Bit of appreciation

Tune’s good too :wink: :wink:

Theres music in that Video???!!!