Black Friday sales

Started this tread so we all could share all the good offers on products this weekend.

So my thoughts where that everyone who knows any good offers post in this tread

(i already saw that En1gma posted about the waves sales).

Im starting with

OVERVIEW Full Catalog of All Products | Native Instruments 50% on almost all plugins

and FXpansion synth squad and geist tremor for a bargain.

So just use this tread for sharing all the good offers out there!:hehe:

There’s a great thread someone started over on KVR about this…


100+ deals listed so far. Enjoy!

Waves sales.

I finally added Waves to my Native Plugin List of PSP, Elysia, NI, Izotope, EaReckon etc

Now v9 is ILok free so I took the plunge but waited for Black Friday. The Gold Bundle Slashed to $399 but included the One-Knob series free. Earlier in the week it was £299 at Plugin Boutique but the value was with Waves at equiv £254 (including the extre 1-knob plugins).

I also got a $100 (30 day voucher) which I offset against the Bass Rider, Vocal Rider and H-EQ which were all reduce to $69 each. So I got an additional $33 off those each too (using the $100 voucher). A good result all rubs. Over 40 top plugins for a whooping discount.