Blatant Rip Off

I accidentially stumbled upon this. I was looking for a Dave Ellesmere remix of a new track on Rekids, then checked his production history. I love Adam Beyer and the strange thing was, I’d just sent him a message on Twitter saying his new track was excellent.

Adam Beyer - Something Good To Die For

His new track on his own Mad Eye label.

Dave Ellesmere - Today Tomorrow and Yesterday Released 2007

I really dont think they are that close. Possibly the sound design is very close, but in terms of copying the song? Doubt it. Hey…possibly they are both unoriginal and used the same preset for their synth! :w00t:

heheh, yar. I hadn’t thought of that Howie.

Similar… but totally different.

Regarddless - Beyer track knocks spots off Ellesmere.

Ellesmere’s track sounds Very basic / uninspiring… bordering on Boring.


i think we all rip someone off, if we do it knowingly or not is another thing! when we listen to music that inspires us or music that we think sounds good we will always use that as a subconscious reference.

I should’ve been a bit clearer. I was referring to the riff. They are really very similar. The arrangement, beat/percussion programming and structure are clearly superior in Beyer’s track. It’s definitely a lot punchier.

It might also be worth adding that I bought Beyer’s track and not Dave Ellesmere’s :D  Although Dave Ellesmere’s remix of the new Rekids track is awesome.