Blip & Glitch sounds alla Deadmau5/Wolfgang Gartner

First off, this is the type of sound this topic is about:


Does someone know how to make this type of sound, or does anyone know any good preset packs for Massive, Sylenth etc. with sounds in this style, ie. Blip Leads, Digital Artifact sounding etc?

The style of the sound is very “Deadmau5/Wolfgang Gartner-esque”, and they often use sounds like this. I am not neccesarily looking to replicate exactly the sound from the audio clip (“The Frederik - Delirium”), but generally just this kind of style.

Here is another example: [url][/url]

Now a days, there are tons of preset packs with nasty growls and dubstep wobbles, or big Swedish House Mafia or Dutch leads. Plenty to get you started and let you twist them to your own liking.

But I have never come across the aforementioned type of sound before.

I hope someone can help out in this instance! I will appreciate it greatly, and others too I’m sure. Thank you!

best Chris

yes I would like to know this too! been searchin online for a while to figure this out

Me too, would be brilliant. Gui Boratto and Dominik Eulberg also use these really cool seemingly random sounding blips and glitches in their tracks. Makes a track much more unique

Here’s a pretty solid Massive bass line and obviously with your own variations it could sound very different…

Here again is another bass line Massive video…

And here is more of an arrangement video with an explanation of how he put all the pieces in place…

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^^This is also a really solid sample pack for what you’re looking for in the beeps and bobs department