Bluetooth audio

Got a little Belkin Audio bluetooth plug and play for Christmas this year and was actually pretty excited about it for my surround sound only to find the audio quality being complete **** :ermm:

I was thinking about returning it if there was possible a superior one out there that anybody has used personally

i think bluetooth has bandwidth limitations that would mean it always has to compress the sound somewhat.

Dont think it would matter what particular product you buy.

Yes - unfortunately I think Bluetooth compresses the audio too. It also introduces a LOT of latency into the signal flow, so using a bluetooth connection for audio production is pretty much unworkable.

Yeah I wasn’t planning on using it production wise but after listening to it for a few days I’m not sure if my ears have gotten used to it or my expectations were too high but its doing the job for listening to my itunes!

I use to listen through music through my car with my iphone bluetooth and it sounded so ****ty! I was like Why the **** does my music sound so terrible in my car but OK in my studio!?!?!? Didnt realize bluetooth was the culprit :smiley:

interesting. i use bluetooth in my car and it sounds great.


What brand?

as far as the stereo, I am not sure the brand. the car is a 2012 Subaru WRX STI (cuz that’s how i roll…) with the optional navigation system. I find the bluetooth kinda slick. I turn the stereo on with my phone in the car and it just starts playing my music. It sounds great but the whole speaker system has been upgraded and I have tuned the EQ quite a bit.