Bodydrop - same name different track

I took an earlier track I wasn’t too happy with and melded it with elements of We R Not, my latest one, in order to do a little VIP edit. Hopefully you’ll see how they could be mixed in together.

Here you go Block.Punch - Bodydrop (We R Not edit) - unsigned by Block.Punch

The other one is in my sig below.

really like the chord progression in this, nice :slight_smile:

Cheers mate

Did the rest of the mix sound good on your system?

Far too much melody and tune in this one - I almost felt happy listening too it - please do better next time :smiley:

Oh sounds fine on my bog standard hifi :wink:

Thanks mate. You must blame Jamie for all the melodic stuff that’s leaking out of me right now.

In retrospect, reading that back, it kinda sounds not exactly how I intended it to! :w00t:

Great stuff dude, really good idea taking elements of We R Not and putting in there!

The sounds definately go well together!