BoneIDOL - Heartbeat

Hey guys here’s a new one that I am working on, would be great to get some feedback if possible :o) BoneIDOL - Heartbeat (v1 sample) by boneidolhardhouse/nrg

this would be fun to bounce around to in a hardhouse club :slight_smile:

Cheers mate:)

Just got to sort out my mixdown but going to sort that out later this week!


Left a comment - liked it but if I danced to it I would be dead after a minute :smiley:

Haha cheers Slender, glad you liked it:)

man this track is beast. awesome job.

[quote]radiodestructo (29/07/2010)[hr]man this track is beast. awesome job.[/quote]

Cheers dude

Have sorted the mixdown out and changed the last 1/4 of the break, can’t be fooked putting a new sample up though as you you get feel for it anyway!:slight_smile:

Sounds pretty banging dude :wink: