Books on Music Theory and Keyboarding Related to House / Trance

I have never played the keyboard, nor do I even understand Chords, I want to read a book on music theory, and one on improvising trance music…

Any good links for me friends.

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these have worked out nicely for me Dance Music Manual, Second Edition: Tools. toys and techniques (9780240521077): Rick Snoman: Books Music Theory for Computer Musicians Bk/Cd (Book) (9781598635034): Hewitt: Books

the dance music manual by rick snowman is your best bet on music theory covers all major genres in good detail im just starting out aswell and its been a big help along with the vids on here. hope that helps

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My opinion is that the Dance Music Manual probably isnt a good fit for what you are looking for although I believe, like the others in this post, that it is essential to have.

For what you are looking for, I suggest Music Theory for Dummies by Michael Pilhofer and perhaps Piano for Dummies by Neely Blake.

Perhaps Tommy’s other suggestion might work for you too. I dunno about that.

Got to agree with Howie.

The Dance music manual is an excellent book but its music theory section isn’t really where its at imo. It does fill in some important gaps though but its main strength is the technical side of music production and in very great detail indeed. Highly recommended.

If you are looking for music theory guides that cover chord construction, scales, intervals etc then check out one of my older threads for a few free resources to get you going.

Definitely download the free Ravenspiral pdf to keep you going until you find something more suitable.


I think the ravenspiral book is pretty good. Unfortunately music theory is a rabbit hole you can explore for years, even get a PhD in, and all that study might not relate to making trance music.

You might enjoy this program.

The video gives a really good rundown of how it works. It has a trance preset… of course it’s not an instant trance hit maker, it’s more a way to explore different key changes, etc. you would want to change these midi presets to make your own progressions… but it does allow you to play with chord structures and ideas in a unique way.

sweet link Pax!