Bought ANA

Hey peeps,br
Just bought ANA and the preset pack!br
But I have a “small” problem, friend of mine had the 1.3 version and we installed it on my mac, he has
I just wanted to try ANA, well that was good! and i heard the new presets and i was sold:Dbr
I deleted all the old parts of my friend and installed what i bought, but i dont know why but in ANA it’s still his name on who it says its licensed…br
Somehow it doesnt get mine…br
Can someone help me with this?br
It’s really a bummer now that i dont be able to use mine…

/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANAbr
go there and replace the license file with your new one.

I have nothing there from Sonic Academy?

Somehow it worked out for me!! thanks Phil!!br
Make some music now:D