Boys noize, diplo, switch, crookers, bloody beatroots, fake blood

Chromeo, boys noize, diplo, switch, teenage badgirl, crookers, bloody beat roots, a1 bassline, gigi barocco, fake blood, steve aoki, la riots, felix cartal, stupid fresh, jack beats, busy p, daft punk, D.I.M, M.I.A, and Tiesto… lol Not really.

Anyone on the same page as me? Lets hear it for which ones you would like to hear tutorials on.

Big Up to Boys Noize and DIM!!! Those sawtooth synths, my god!!! :smiley:

DEFINITELY Boyz Noize! Without question…!

I always play this genre/style as dj

So a tutorial would be great :w00t:

Yes all these dj/producers are on my list…do you think sonic could duplicate these producers??

I’ve just bought the new Krazy Baldhead album ‘The B Suite’ - I would definitely recommend it if you’re into Boyz Noize etc. He does really new things with that kind of dirty electro sound. I would love to know how he does some of the more eclectic things on the album like track 8: ‘Second Movement Part 4’ (towards the middle). This would really open my eyes to different production techniques etc. :slight_smile:

I’m glad we have some producers with some good taste on the forums. Seems like everyone likes boys noize alot. Would be nice to see a tutorial. I like his new sound as well.

I don’t see what a boyz noize tut could really teach you. Just bust out your samplers,bit-crushers, and saturators.

Which is all covered in the daftjustice tut.

Some people see boys noize and justice as similar. Many do not. I do not and would love to see a tutorial on boys noize.

Yes this is a good idea and you will do this :smiley:

yes all of those would be good for sure

WoNK! You get no say until there’s a “HTSL WoNK”!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


seriously, your shiza is hot! will say that I’m very pleased to find out that Hot Mouth resides here in LA!!! Maybe there’s hope for the fidget scene here after all!!! speaking of wich… You coming to LA on your US tour Wonk? If so, were gonna have to schedule a session in the studio!!!

come to think of it. I wonder how my mnml flavor and your fidget flavor would meld? Bet some interesting stuff would come out of that. er got, Hot Mouth and Stupid Fresh doing a tech track. Fookin sick! “50,000 watts of FUNKY”!!!

The Wheels Are Turnin!


boyz noise and crookers 4 sure!

I´d really like to know how the Bloody Beetroots work. But I believe it´s mostly being creative and playing some nice melodies.

But their their music I find VERY interesting and original…

Fidget is going to take over and climb it’s way into all the scenes. What is fresh is fresh. Very rarely in other styles of music do I hear a bass line that makes me go wow. I’m not saying they are not out there, I have just failed to find them. I have problems not finding them in fidget and that is what I love about the genre.

I really want to hear a tutorial on switch. If you do not know much about him. He’s behind MIA’s record and major lazer. His other work is nice too.

Love ALL these artist!!!

Major Lazer FTW!

ray when i know my schedule mate ill let u know as id like to get into studio with a few people im hoping to get in with hot mouth

That’s an easy one! John’s right down the street from here in Long Beach! Yeah, just shoot me an email when you have logistics. Maybe we all can studio hop!


Fit some MSTRKRFT in there too!!!:w00t: