BPM Calculator

Here’s a link to a handy little website. Tells you the time in milliseconds of common divisions at whatever BPM you input. I just used it to set the release time of a compressor on my kick to make sure it was exactly a whole beat. Could have used my ear but I’ve got massive OCD and stuff like that is pretty handy. Hope you find it useful :Dbr

Nice one - great find!

Not really sure what this is…what’s it used for??

No worries mate. Stick the BPM of your track in at the top and it gives you all the divisions in milliseconds. Like at 128 Bpm, a whole beat or quarter note is 469 milliseconds, and 8th note is 234 milliseconds etc. You can use this to set tempo related release times on compressors, manual delay times, reverb decays, gates etc. Anything with a decay or release or something that happens over a set period of time. Obviously if you find a setting that sounds better to your ear then I would use that but this might come in handy still :slight_smile:

be careful to factor in the length of your kick (or whatever you are compressing) when using it for compressors… the release is only activated when the signal goes below the threshold so you would need to know the length of the kick that is above the threshold then add on the rest.

Thats a good point, I’d imagine it would be nigh on impossible to figure out though. I was just basically beefing a weak kick drum up though so I had instant attack, about 5db gain reduction and I used the quarter note release to make sure the compression lasted the whole beat until the next kick was triggered (Or at least that’s what I think I made happen…) Compression still blags my head now and again, no matter how many tutorials i watch :hehe: