Brand New track exclusive to beatport!

Hi everyone this is our first track signed to chillbeat records out exclusive to beatport please give it a listen and give us any feedback!!

As it’s been released you’ve done a good job. Can’t really comment on this one. Not really my taste. Sorry.

But congrats with the release :smiley:

I think the buildup is too long. I like the melody during the buildup, but perhaps automate it into the buildup? It begins out too loud IMO and becomes kinda stagnant. The bassline is good. IMO, make the melody more interest, vary its volume or filter it in and out. The constant timbre makes it a bit bland

The genre isn’t to my taste, however congrats on getting it released! I’m sure many of us aim for something similar in the future so well done!br

First congrats, I like the sound, build is clean but i like long builds

IMO around 1 minute, the kick overpowers the mix. Its a very driving danceable drop but the kick sounds like it is taking over the drop itself.