Brand new WoNK original

Ok so this is my brand new original (only a sample as im looking to get it signed waiting to hear from some labels) 

I made the bass in Massive using a bit of glide and the pitch bend… its only a single oscilator sound but it has such a nice feel to it after a few bit crushers and effects

The break part was taken from a sample pack and messed around it just caught my ear so i used it :wink:

Played it out and its gone down well so very pleased but let me know your thoughts :smiley:

which labels are you signed to ?

loving the tracks btw

Currently got tracks out on Destination, ho ju, freek, crux, nu industry, big fish, pivital, epidemic, champion beats, grooved digital, electric sushi, content, crazy 88, loudroom, etc etc lol its hard to remember them all

glad you like the tune

you making good money from these?

are they all vinyl or some digital?

hopefully you are making money although i know how worthless it is signing to digital label sometimes.

everythings digital i dont know many fidget djs that play vinyl or many vinyl labels although i have one vinyl out with calvertron on freek and another out on freek which is a remix and hitting vinyl so thats good

these days vinyl isn’t what people want they want cds, cheaper, easier, lighter and you can drop your own tunes down and try them out that night :smiley:

i do pretty well from the tracks but its about the enjoy ment of seeing others dance to what we make rather than getting rich off things

yeah totally agree with you about the not doing it to get rich. just wondered if you had signed to digital labels that promise the world and never ever hear back from then.

alex is a cool guy and a legend producer.

you sound like you kinda got it all sorted really. hope everything keeps getting better for you, your obviously a really talented producer.

alot of labels promise but i tend to just not get my hopes up till things happen :smiley: go with the flow and work hard to progress the sounds

what is your reason for getting signed. I ask this because I do not know. Can you not put your tracks on beat port yourself. Is there an advantage to having the label? Just let me know the advantages. I’m completely stupid when it comes to understanding the whole get signed game. Thanks in advance. Song is fresh too

No, you can’t just put your stuff up on Beatport. Beatport has even started cracking down on indie labels that don’t really sell anything. You have to have a certain amount of releases and sales as a label in order for most people to allow you to “sell” your stuff on their site. Always for a hefty fee of course too. All in all, you could essentially create your own label to put your own stuff out, but unless your a super producer putting out belter after belter, or have several “selling” artists on your label, then it’s not really worth it. Most find that the management side of things sucks really bad and don’t want to deal with the legalities involved and whatnot. Therefor, if you want to sell a track, you need a label to “sign” it. Meaning, that they take your track and sell it for you, again, for a fee. This also is only if they like your music and they think that it will benefit the label by using this track. Not everyone can get signed just because you have a finished track. All in all, the bottom line is, no matter how you go about releasing your music, with your own label or on someone elses. You’re going to have to pay a fee to someone. There’s no free way to sell your music… I know this may seem somewhat of a tangent with the fee stuff. SOOOOO I’ll explain it a little more here. If you are releasing your music on your own label, you are paying the fees out of your own pocket per say. So if the track doesn’t sell, your out of money. Whereas if you have a label sign it. They take care of the fees for you and you just collect your percentage after the sales are done. I hope that makes all of this easier to grasp in light of why you want to get signed… Also, there’s that perk that if a BIG label signs you, you will get notariety and maybe fame!


also, getting signed means that you just need to do what you do best, make music. if your putting your own stuff out you have to do all the other goodies too, like advertising, etc… no matter how good the track is or the artist is, its not going to sell itself without marketing and a good label backing it. get signed, its the only way unless you want to be a record exec.

BLAH! sorry for my brain blurb. was tryin to answer this and do two other things! :stuck_out_tongue:

One last thing!

When you “sign” a track. What that really means is that your selling it on "“con"sign"ment”. Meaning, you don’t get paid if they don’t get paid. You won’t start receiving advances(getting paid up front) for tracks until you repeatedly hit the charts or just outright are selling a ton of music. No one pays up front for a maybe!


Well this is let down. lol

What about itunes? do you have to pay to place your tracks on their site. Thank you for the explanation too.

Also how much do you have to pay them every song download? I know this may be hard to answer but your guess is better than mine. Do they also get a cut of your gigs or only music.

Thanks again for helping me understand.

think ray said it all about beatport :smiley: very well worded

not sure with itunes i think thats down to the distributors the labels use

what you pay them as such is a cut of sales … the contract will explain that when u get one weather u take 50% of sales or 25% of sales etc after they recoup what they haev spent on promoting it . remixers usually get a smaller cut than original artists

also a label only signs one tune unless ur EXCLUSIVE and then they will have all your tunes but unless they are your management they do not have anything to do with your gigs you sort them yourself or your management does but id start by geting your own gigs and waiting for a manager

thank you for the advice and your help in helping me understand how it works. They should pay the artist more.

Yo, if you want to learn more about the process, GET INVOLVED!!! :smiley: start writing those tunes and sending them out to labels. You’ll never know if you’ll get a yes if you never send it, right? That’s the first step to finding out if you got the goods or not. Personally, I wouldn’t dare have my first release be on my own label(youre always going to think your stuff is better…). If it tanks, then everyone will remember that you and your label sucked from the get go! If you get it signed, thats all you have to worry about. Let them deal with it if it tanks(fyi, it won’t tank if you get it signed, that would just be stupid on the labels part to sign crap).

Your job is to sell it to the label, their job is to sell it to the people. You should definitely advertise the hell outta yourself though and not expect the label to make you famous or money for that matter… All in all, its just like anything else, you get out what you put into it. If you work hard, it will pay off(being a producer and dj is WoNKs full time job). If you only put a little into it, then you should only expect as much. Rule of thumb: Anything that pays will require WORK. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I don’t really know about labels and selling tracks, but something I read In this months Future Music Magazine the other day, makes me wonder about the future of this area of the industry…

The REBEAT digital software allows you to sell and promote your music digitally in more than 300 download stores, among them iTunes, Musicload, Napster, AOL, Nokia, Beatport and many more – easy and with only a few clicks directly from your home or office computer!

It makes for interesting reading and cuts out the middle man (labels).

99 euros for the software, 1 euro per song, An EAN/UPC code cost a one time 5 euros, an ISRC CODE costs a one time 1 euro.

How much do you get per song?

Calculation per song for sales in itunes Europe.

Track price itunes EUR 0.99

itunes fee (including royalties) EUR 0.28

Aggregator Fee Rebeat (15%) EUR 0.106


The article in FUTURE MUSIC MAG details more, like how you get paid and terms of contract (minimum 1 year) etc also their use of 300 download stores across 36 countries…

Thanx for that

Hey man good effort, these are really great tracks! :wink:

The bass sounds very ‘flat eric - mr oizo’ esq

Are the bass sounds for all your songs done in Massive? I think I would enjoy that synth alot more if the presets werent so ‘moving’ and in your face. Simple presets like the one you created are best for bass in my opinion. Better to mix with also. I think strobe in the d-cam synth package will be a true bass monster when it comes out.

The solution is to not use presets! :smiley:


I do use them often though to get an idea going!

[quote]The solution is to not use presets![/quote]

Very true… but im lazy :slight_smile:

i make my own presets or sometimes i tweak my mates basses we send things back and forth etc it helps

not all my basses are in massive some are my virus some are malstrom etc