Breakbeat Track Production feedback

Hi guys. Would appreciate some feedback on the mix and master of this track I made. Cheers.

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Hi there

It’s a nice track, love the spacey atmosphere with the melodic elements and the vocals blended with the bass and low end, really works well together IMO and the arrangement is also nice.

However, there’s mixing and drums sounds choice issues with this track.

I would try another kick, slightly longer and less “clicky”. Not sure if you added a click or some high end transient sound on top of the sub part of this kick but both don’t blend together quite well and the click feels almost offbeat since it’s too much in the front.

The beat itself and notes placement feels also quite static and offbeat ( especially the kick during the intro ), so missing some groove and shuffle to bring the beat to live here.

Mixing wise, there’s a load of low end taking a lot of space and energy in the mix, when you add the reverb for the vocals and melodic elements on top of this, your drums are buried underneath and not cutting through the mix as they should.

If you listen at low levels you’ll get a better sense for this.

Try to tame back some low end and bring all melodic elements levels and reverb sends to lower levels and level up your drums from there again.

Edit : the high-mid range content ( so between 900 and 5 KHz ) is also quite loud and quite harsh piercing through the mix, you want to tame some frequencies down in this area as well, especially the vocals.

There’s also phase issue here, reverting the phase or listening in mono brings back the kicks and other percussive elements to the front, so watch out for the stereo depth and what frequencies you’re sending to the reverb, you can use a high pass filter before the reverb to avoid sending to much low end into it.

Could really improve the track if you can keep your low end under control, change the kick and inject some groove to the beat and get a nice balance between melodic elements & drums.

Don’t know if you’re monitoring & mixing through headphones or monitors but try to mix a low levels ( i.e : normal / quiet conversation level ) and focus on the clarity for each element in the mix. Keep some headroom on the master. Once you’re there it’s easy to push the all mix with saturation, compression and limiter.

But again, lovely track this one, I could listen to this several time in a row :sunglasses: