Breaking Through

Kinda feel like I’ve taken 2 steps forward and 10 back recently, I had a 5 week brake and havent came up with anything since, before that I was able to make a tune in like 4 or 5 days! Now in my most recent project it took me thast long to make a bass line…

Anyway I’ve been at this one for a 2 or 3 weeks now, listening to the same part over and over, trying different sounds, hammering away at the keyboard, you know the script, I dont give up until I 100% happy. Anyway I just had a a brake through! Yipppeeee!! Manage to get a sound the fits well and I nice melody for the part of the tune before the drop :slight_smile:

Now I just to another one on top, I think and then onto the main break and melody… Long way to go… back to work hiho! :stuck_out_tongue:

yar. i had this same thing happen last night.

been hammering away at some sounds for like 2 weeks now. was getting frustrated with my results and kept starting over again. finally last night I got what i wanted & jammed out some notes. the groove is finally starting to come together and I got 3 different parts laid out. feels good cause now I'm at work and I can't wait 2 go home and keep going.