Breaks track sunset Ibiza esque

Overall I’m happy with this track. Think the mix could be improved in places. I’ve lost focus on it in recent days so would appreciate a second pair of ears to give it a listen
Thank you for taking the time to listen.
As of late I feel this forum is the only place to get good honest constructive feedback

“Oops, we couldn’t find that track.”

Think Ive fixed it now

Sweeeeet. Really good and round and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

To lend you my second pairs of ears:

  • Without destroying the mood, over almost 7 minutes it could have more variation or some small highlights here and there. No idea what exactly. One thing I would try is to take a piano/epiano/pluck, play a short theme, three notes with a semitone, and run it through some an echo effect Pink Floyd style where you turn the echo feedback down to 0 on the attack of each note and then go straight up to 100% and modulate that spheric sound you get.
  • The drums are too repetitive. For me it’s mostly the fast hihats that are too visible. After some time you can’t ignore them.
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Thanks so much for your feedback. I will take your suggestions on board.

Agree with @kuchenchef here, there’s a nice musicality to this track but it needs more variation and more distinctive parts in the arrangement.

The drums and especially snare and hats will make a complete difference if you lower them in volume and make use of Midi notes velocity and pattern to create something more organic and less computer sounding. Once you get those levels and more “humanized” snare & hats sequences, then use panning synced to your DAW.

Bringing down those drum will also give you a chance to level up the synths parts in the track, you have plenty of head room available to crank up the all mix in this one. Using effects on the synths as suggested in the other comment will also help those synths to sound wider.

But there’s a cool sound and nice loose and relax feel in this track :wink:

Thank you so much. It’s nice to receive some constructive feedback
I will post my results in a day or so.
I look forward to your feedback

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ok here is a updated version.
I have put in more sounds and altered the drums

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The new sounds makes it more interesting and full, especially in the 2nd part but while I understand it’s meant to be a breaks track, drums are still very loud and really taking a lot of energy. Give it a try with leveling down the kick and snares and then re-balance the all track from there. You’ve got a strong low end in this kick and the snares can get quite harsh over time, so if those are the loudest parts of the mix, we’re left with those 2 extreme parts of the spectrum very much in your face, and we loose focus on the other parts & sounds.

At least that’s my perception here when listening back :wink:

Thanks once again for your valuable feedback. I will rebalance the track and update the link

Link Has been updated.

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Cool, mixing wise, I think you’re in the ballpark now :wink:

Much more likable now :smile:

Just make sure to keep those snares & hats harsh resonances under control ( EQ to filter out those resonances ), they can get almost annoying at some point, you can level them down still. You’re good with the kick now.

Let this one sleep for a while, listen to some music in the same style and then get back to @kuchenchef advice, this track would benefit from more variations, especially in the drums.

Have a listen to some oldie for the drums : Day by Day (DJ Spinna Remix) - YouTube
This track is the only title I could easily remember, lol, but search for music from Mark De Clive Lowe another one would be “Cosmic Echoes”, even better for drums ideas.

Cheers !

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Thanks once again for the feedback. I appreciated it. think I may put this one to bed a learn from the feedback I have gotten or I may carry on. ivebeen listening to some of those artists you suggested. Great thanks
ok I made some adjustments to drums and resonate highs. im leaving it a while now to rest

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For the topic of more human or real sounding drums, since drawing velocities and note lengths with a mouse is a pain in the buttocks and often I have no clue what to draw, a cheap trick for hihats is using the addictive drums plugin and either use it as a sound source or use their midi drum patterns with your own samples/plugins and then either put it in the background or mix it together with some more step-sequencer sounding hihats. If you have that you can also play around with lfo tools on hihat tracks, just to fake in some movements and variations.

And on the next Waves discount you could have look at their Abbey Road reverbs and their tape recorder. They could help to smoothen the edges e.g. of the hihats and get more of that soundscape feeling instead of having certain sounds so clearly defined and digital sounding. Doesn’t work for everything and can quickly become too much, for this song although quite fast I can see it adding something to the mix. The song is already really good, just two random ideas what could bring it to an even higher level.

hi Kuchenchef
I mainly use Maschine so I will try and find some acoustic drums and have a play around
thanks for taking the time to listen, once again
Happy music making

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Hi fred,
I really like the vibe of your track and overall arrangement. My only criticism would be the high frequencies which are a bit harsh for my taste. Other than that, I really enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Appreciate the feedback