Broken download link

I just purchased Major Tropical House and when I click the download link all that is downloaded is a jpg of the cover. There are no other files.

Hey @jamsterr

Are you sure to to use the download link from your Account & then Samples which you should find here ( You need to be logged in to your S.A account ) ?

If using the correct link & experiencing the same issue, please use the product page comment matching this topic on the forums to report the issue :

Logged into my account and clicked the link as well as tried the download link in my purchase email. Both appear to be broken. Only a jpg downloads no other files. Very frustrating.

Hey @jamsterr I am awaiting the correct zip here and once I get it, I will upload and let know. So very sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

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Hey @jamsterr - that pack has been fixed now, you should be good to re-download and enjoy. Sorry again for the inconvenience.