Broken patches, Missing Wavetable and Sampler Data

Hello there,

I have had the most use and fun with ANA 2 far beyond any soft synth plugin I have ever used! But there is strange behavior afoot:

Since 2.5.3, a few sounds (that I have found so far) have missing Wavetable and or Sampler data. They are blank, and silence ensues.

Also, is there a way to point the load preset function to the preset folder? I can show preset folder to find where they are, in a hidden folder, but load preset goes to the desktop and I must navigate each time, so with these two maladies, my previously enjoyed sound surfing has slowed to a frustrating crawl.

Any advice would be appreciated. I balk at uninstall/reinstall for time constraints, but alas, if I must…

I labeled a track in my session “Digital Fantasy,” which means I liked the sound enough to memorialize the patch name in said session, but now it is silent; See ANA 2 screenshot below.

Hi there and welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

This “Digital Fantasy” preset is from the Slate Digital Expansion Pack “ANA 2 Ultra Multisample”.

You’re likely missing files in your installation, so head up to the Slate Digital Installer Page and scroll down the page to retrieve the ANA 2 Expansion Packs downloads.

Download the pack and run the installer. While you’re at it, I suggest you’ll download them all and reinstall all packs, there’s updates for Presets Packs as well from time to time :wink:

You’ll need your Slate Digital “All Access Pass” credentials to download.

This Preset is only using a SAW in main OSC 2, OSC 1 & 3 are empty but it’s using multi-samples and that’s what’s missing in your install.

You need to switch to Multi-Sample Edit mode to see all samples when you’re using a Multisample Preset.

To see samples install location, you can click on the Sample Name in the Sampler OSC slot on top and then click the Folders/Detailed view icon in the sample Browser.

But, yeah, try to reinstall the Expansions Packs, should solve this issue :sunglasses: